SAFE4® EN Fire Ductwork System

4-hour fire-rated ductwork, suitable and rated for smoke extract, kitchen extract and smoke pressurisation

SAFE4® EN Fire Rated Ductwork

SAFE4® Fire Rated Ductwork has been designed to cater for the various fire safety requirements within the building industry today. The prevention of fire spreading through ducted systems is of critical importance. Non-fire resistant ductwork systems can be responsible for allowing the initial spread of fire and smoke between compartments. The correct use of fire-rated ductwork will maintain fire compartmentation and assist in the safe dispersal of hazardous smoke and fumes. Licencing of the SAFE4® range is available to prospective Licensees.

  • SAFE4® successfully acquired a 4-hour rating under BS476 Part 24 and 3hour insulation (SAFE4® I).
  • SAFE4® has now qualified to meet the latest EN requirements which apply throughout Europe, namely to product standards EN 15871 and EN 12101–7 and test standards EN 1366-1 and EN 1366-8/9.
  • The standard BS476-24 states: “This standard has been superseded by the current BS EN 1366-1, BS EN 1366-8 and BS EN 1366-9, but it has been retained based on legitimate need for the standards within non-EU markets”. The BS EN 1366 test series reflects the most relevant standard for the statutory required performance of fire rated ductwork and smoke extract ductwork. Product standard EN 12101-7 (Smoke extract ductwork) became the legal standard in July 2013, replacing BS476. Test standard BS EN 1366-1 became the legal test standard in April 2015, replacing BS476 for all other fire ductwork applications.
  • SAFE4® is suitable for use on fire rated ductwork, smoke extract, kitchen extract and pressurisation of stairways, and is produced in FPC (Factory Production Control) facilities, allowing for a CE mark to be applied to the smoke extract ductwork in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation.
  • Full technical brochure (144 pages) available on request to all our prospective clients.
  • Licencing of the SAFE4® range is available to prospective Licensees. A full set of manufacturing catalogues and installation instructions are provided, together with assistance to meet compliance requirements from approved bodies. 3rd Party certification is also required.

Download the Safe4® Complete Fire Duct Systems Brochure for more information.

SAFE4® Why choose it?

SAFE4® is a complete system all tested by independent accredited laboratories under UKAS. The complete system includes:

  • All fixing and supports components, fully tested to EN standards.
  • Penetration seals for floors and walls both flexible and solid.
  • Fire-rated and insulated access doors tested to EN, Type A & B.
  • Fire tested silencers.
  • Comprehensive testing of all elements, horizontally and vertically, Fire Type A & B.
  • Available as square in sizes up to 1250×1000 in compliance with EN tests 1366-1/8/9.
  • Available as round in sizes up to 1000Ø in compliance with EN tests 1366-1/8/9.
  • Available as square in sizes up to 2500×1250 in compliance with EN 15882-2, and in battery assembly options.

SAFE4® is manufactured under strict quality control and has been approved to proceed to CE Labelling required by all products with harmonised standards (hEN).

A Client’s Perspective
 A job to be confident in

  • SAFE4® conforms with all EN regulations. SAFE4® meets and exceeds the building regulation Document B and BS9999:2017.
  • SAFE4® is a non-coated duct and comes ready for installation. The quality assurance standard ISO 9001 ensures that your product arrives conforming to the standards applied during our independently verified tests.
  • You receive with your delivery the necessary additional materials to ensure a complete system, namely the proper sealants, gaskets, access doors and fire rated insulation, ensuring a compliant SAFE4® installation. Each installation conforms to a strict code, which specifies rod diameters, support centers, types of mounting strut and fire-rated sealants. All installers must be qualified 3rd Party Certified and have completed the SAFE4® Training and Badging Program.
  • Multiple trained installers ensure that your take-off or drawings have been checked, and double-checked before it arrives on site.
  • Fast installation, with a robust product that doesn’t chip and is suitable for the expected wear and tear of building site conditions.
  • All installations are carried out under Warrington FIRAS, which gives the client a guarantee that an independent and quality recognised body will certify. All installations will have documented certification which will identify the extent of the works carried out on site.
  • SAFE4® offers a completed system with matching penetration seals, fire rated access doors, silencers and insulation.
  • SAFE4® achieves low leakage (S), and guarantees energy saving in ambient conditions. It is of heavy constitution with a smooth inner surface for easy cleaning.


Manufactured to exacting standards. by people who have years of experience. People who invest in people and have an ethos of care and diligence.
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007.


Made from sheet metal without a requirement for painting. Special SAFE4® Flanging is the product of years of research and extensive testing and results in the containment from the outbreak of fire or smoke.

Classification Standard EN 10346:2015.


Our installers are fully trained with clear and concise specifications to follow. Installations are inspected and verified to independent standards. Secure certification can be issued by Glidefield Limited on install inspection.