P3 Used Throughout the World
Since 1989
Now Available in the U.K.

P3 is a proven lightweight pre-insulated ductwork system, it has antimicrobial & self-cleaning optional versions which are fabricated in the U.K. to produce the P3ductal System.

P3ductal Products

The Complete Range of P3ductal Products.

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Guaranteed thermal insulation
Reduced air leakage
Maximum fire safety
Maximum earthquake safety
Maximum air quality and hygiene
High acoustic comfort
Construction ease
Installation ease
Transportation ease
Total respect for the environment
Reduced installation period

P3ductal Benefits

The Benefits of Using P3.

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P3ductal Map

The P3 Organisation Worldwide.

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P3ductal Projects

P3 products have been used around the world.

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P3ductal Videos

A selection of videos showing the versatility of the P3 System.

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P3ductal Downloads

Download P3ductal Brochures.

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P3ductal Certification

List of P3ductal Certification.

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