The Benefits of Using P3

  1. Thermal insulation: constant and continuous in all duct sections. Special closed-cell insulation guarantees low thermal conductivity and limits the risk of condensation.
  2. Friction loss: the low number of flanges and limited surface roughness keeps linear friction losses at very low levels.
  3. Energy saving: perfect thermal insulation and optimum airtight seal allow for maximum exploitation of air handling unit capacity, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.
  4. Hygiene and air quality: the use of aluminum for the internal surfaces of ducts ensures hygiene and cleanliness. The problem of ageing of the insulation and consequent release of particles is non-existent.
  5. Safety: P3ductal ducts have a low participation in fire, do not drop and smokes have a reduced opacity and toxicity. P3ductal is in conformity with the requirements of the most restrictive international regulations.
  1. Airtight seal: airtightness of P3ductal ducts is eight times greater than traditional ducts.
  2. Light weight: the very light weight allows a reduction of weight on the structures, supporting points, workmanship costs and materials necessary for the installation.
  3. Silent operation: the sandwich structure (aluminum – insulating material – aluminum) guarantees a good acoustic behavior. Vibration and reverberation are stopped by the insulating material, contributing to a higher comfort in the environment where P3ductal is installed.
  4. Duration: the outer aluminum coating coupled with the insulating material provides sturdiness, rigidity and good resistance to corrosion, erosion and deformation even in special applications.
  5. Construction ease: possibility of manufacturing ducts in the work shop or directly at job site with considerable advantages on transport costs.

P3 Innovation

P3 ductal has continuously been at the forefront of duct development. 

The most hygienic duct

The first and only self-cleaning and antimicrobial air duct (P3 ductal care plus solution) for the total quality of the air.

The best LEED duct

The only duct which guarantees a real contribution obtainment of LEED points according to the new classification.

The Greenest duct

The only water expanded (Hydrotec) ecological duct, which is obtained without the use of any gas and with a GWP = 0 and ODP = 0 and the only with and EDP declaration (Environmental Product Declaration).

The cost-effective duct

The only pre-insulated duct which has undergone an LCC (Life Cycle Costing) analysis which has demonstrated a guaranteed and measurable energy saving.

The safest duct (fire)

The only pre-insulated duct which has been tested according to a large scale test (ISO 9705 — Room Corner Test).

The safest duct (smoke)

The only pre-insulated duct which is capable of guaranteeing a FED and FEC <0.3 according to prEN 50399-2-1/1 and is classified F1 according to the AFNOR NF F 16-101.

The safest duct (earthquake)

The only pre-insulated duct which has undergone a seismic study with computer simulation and FEM analysis on existing buildings.

The most silent duct

The only pre-insulated duct which has undergone a large scale experimental acoustic analysis in collaboration with the University of Padua.